Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Japanese Rectangles Table Runner

Yet another table runner.  That's my latest thing in case you haven't noticed.  This one was made using old -- literally -- Japanese fabrics that I bought while living in Singapore.  They were sort of cut into rectangles to begin with & I didn't want to lose a lot of the fabric so I chose to keep them close to their original size but just "squared" them.  I was almost going to give this table runner away as a gift but then thought I should keep it for personal use (atop our filing cabinet) -- the fabrics have a meaning to me but probably would just look like old fabric to someone else.  I machine pieced the table runner, hand quilted the rectangles following the unique pattern on each section & machine quilted a semi-wavy line on both ends of the table runner.  I finished this project in September 2009.

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