Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Library Window Display

Today Kathleen (my book-mending mentor at Parkland Library) & I set up the display window case in the entryway of our community library.  It was fun!  The theme is, obviously, Contemporary Quilts.  We had no idea what we were going to do until we started doing it.  I brought along spring rods, bamboo quilt rack, double stick tape, signs & quilt books & we took it from there.  This is the end result.  It will stay on display for about a month until the next volunteer showcases their idea.


  1. Wow Sue, you did a fantastic job. How cool, your quilts all together in a display like that. I do hope they (the Library people) will look after them. How long will you keep them there? I'm sure they will attract a lot of attention ;).

  2. Wow, a window display with only your quilts! You can be so proud every time people stop by to have a look! My gosh, do they realize how much work and love is in there...

  3. Thanks, Vreni & Hilde! The quilts will be on display there about a month. And already while doing the window, people stopped to admire -- it feels good to show 'n' tell a bit to the world. :)