Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pearl's Chair

This quilt was made for my one & only ever in my life quilt contest.  The Allentown Art Museum sponsored it along with P&B Textiles -- the challenge was to use their art deco fabric line (Century of Progress).  I came up with this original design from my memory of my Aunt Pearl's chair.  It was an art deco piece of furniture that I remember as a little girl.  It sat in a premier spot near the window in the formal living room of her 2nd floor walk-up apartment and was seldom used.  It was a stackable-type chair -- one fit into another fit into another.  Three total chairs.  I found it fascinating.  Who knew a chair could be hidden under another chair?  Anyway, this was the design I came up with -- I researched art deco styles & really had fun doing it.  Plus reminiscing in my mind about my Aunt Pearl was a treat too.  I made this quilt in May 2001 & sent it to the Allentown Art Museum from Singapore where we were living at the time.  It didn't make the cut & it was not chosen to be put on display for museum goers to vote on.  I was disappointed.  The bottom line is Pearl's Chair means more to me than to anyone else.

When I was on home leave that summer, I had a chance to go to the museum to see the quilts that were chosen to be entered into the contest.  What I learned is that when a fabric company runs a competition, they want you to use all of the fabrics in that particular line.  I didn't know this.  As a result, the quilts that were chosen to be displayed were very busy, using all 20 or so fabrics from this particular art deco line.

If you ever enter a contest, be very aware of who's running it.  And design your quilt accordingly.


  1. Loving these new quilts. My favorite is still the tree/teapot one. The colors are amazing!LC

  2. Thanks, Laurie! You're one of my biggest fans. :)

  3. I remember this quilt vividly. We were all rather surprised that it didn't make it to the exhibition. But now you know why!