Monday, August 16, 2010

Sarah Johnson Quilt

This is my version of the Sarah Johnson quilt.  It's only ~40" square -- Sarah Johnson's was full bed size.  I took a class in Emmaus, PA, shortly before moving to Singapore.  I wanted to learn how to make an old-fashioned quilt -- I used some reproduction fabrics copied from the original quilt -- plus I added some old-looking new fabrics.  There's a lot of hand applique in the center piece, which I don't particularly enjoy doing.  The quilt is hand quilted using original patterns from SJ's quilt.  I took the class in 1998, then moved to Singapore in 1999 & took this quilt -- unfinished -- to one of my first get-togethers with the ANZA quilt group.  It started a bit of a rush to make the Sarah Johnson quilt.  Several ladies loved it so much that they started to make their own.  I'm glad my little quilt caused such a stir.  Who knew?

1 comment:

  1. If I'm pushed very hard then I probably would have to say that this is my favorites from all your quilts. It's just so beautiful!