Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yellow Madness

This another Kaffe Fasset design based on his "Nona's Quilt."  I took a class with KF's quilting sidekick, Liza Pryor Lucy, in Montgomeryville, PA, one summer during home leave while living in Singapore.  It was a fun, freeing way to make a quilt.  No precision cutting was necessary until we squared up the blocks -- if you notice, each block is sort of wonky.  The quilt measures about 66"x 84" & was made in July 2002.


  1. Out of your amazing quilt accomplishments, I think this one may be my favorite. Love the colors, it's a fun quilt.

  2. It's my fav too -- I just love it. And to think I actually hand-quilted the entire thing! I can hardly believe I did that. Talk about having time on my hands.