Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Emily & Jeff's Table Runner

I've been lax -- I've been remiss -- it's been over a month since I've added anything new to my blog.  'My bad!

I just finished Emily (my niece) & Jeff's (her future husband as of October 30, 2010) table runner.  Yay.  I did the photos outside in the front of our house.  Fall is in the air & it's lovely.


  1. It's lovely Sue! I'm sure the young couple will be very happy to get something so special.
    Glad you are back! I was wondering if you might be on holiday! Greetings from Singapore Vreni xx

  2. It looks fantastic Sue!!! However, you didn't include the part of the story where when you got it all pieced you described it as looking like "butt," what ever that means. Taking out the large paisley squares and changing them to be bubble squares transformed the runner, it's lovely.

    The rest of the story is that Sue sent me a picture of the runner when it looked like "butt" and I took one look at it and said "take out that paisley and change it to the bubbles." Huh! A stroke of genius from your friend who has absolutely no eye for color and design. Just got lucky.

  3. Like Angela explained, I had a "this looks like butt" moment -- then she helped me regroup to end up with the finished product. Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes to notice what fabrics are not working.

    Thanks for your nice comments!

  4. Hi Sue, what a lovely colours! Whatever happened at your 'butt' moment, it turned out great! The fabric on the back suits it very well.
    Good to see you back in bloggerland. XXX

  5. I love it!!! Another inspiring piece!