Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Quilt

I made this quilt while in Singapore -- it was for a challenge -- I didn't win.  I got the idea for the quilt from Hallmark Christmas wrapping paper.  It's hand & machine pieced & quilted & I used sashiko stitching to look like swirling snow.  And also around each snowflake.  Call me crazy.

Family Photo

We took this family photo -- Adam, Bob, Teddy, Sue & Jay -- on Thanksgiving day, 2010.  It snowed briefly so we took advantage & went out on the deck & Adam set the timer on the camera & ta-da -- we used this pix for our Christmas card this year -- the first cards we've sent since 2002.  We were due.

Oh Christmas Trees

The smaller, foyer tree is a fake one -- we decorate it using all white lights & snow-related decorations.   The great room tree is decorated with multicolored lights -- I know -- that's so last year!  But we can't help it -- we love the multicolored lights & we caved for outdoors & went all white this year but inside, we're sticking with the colorful lights.  And we've been using red, plastic beads for years as the garland -- we love that too -- it's a bit hard to see here.

Marie's Apron

I made this apron for my friend Marie -- she supplied the main fabric -- it is Batik she bought in Indonesia; I added the pink with white polka dots to make it more "retro" style.  And also the Very Cute Buttons.  She loved it.

The Mantle & A Snowman Party

The first two pix are from our mantle; the last pix is obvious -- it's a snowman party if I ever saw one!

Christmas Pillows

Here are some pillows I've made over the years -- mostly while living in Singapore, except for the last one which is needlepoint.  It's official -- I don't like to do needlepoint.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Geisha Pillow

I made this counted cross-stitch pillow for my friend Cheryl.  I sent it to her recently & she loves, loves, love it!  Makes me so happy.  It took me 16 mos. to complete -- there are glass beads & gold thread throughout.  Then to say "Thank You," Cheryl sent me several jigsaw puzzles.  I love to do puzzles.  And wintertime is perfect for puzzling.