Saturday, November 26, 2011

Deep Frying a Turkey

First, the set up.  The paper catches the inevitable peanut oil splatters.
Adam brined the 14 lb. organic turkey in a mixture of brown sugar & salt -- overnight for about 16 hrs.
 The lowering of the turkey into the hot oil -- Jay's taking a pix of the process.
Adam & Bob -- watching the turkey cook -- it cooks in about an hour.
Adam & Turkey #1.
Jay & Turkey #1. 
 And then they cooked Turkey #2 above -- Turkey #2 was a 16 lb. turkey.  It was not organic & Adam didn't brine it.  We did a taste test.  It's official -- the organic, brined Turkey #1 was definitely better -- it was moist & had better flavor. 

Deep frying a turkey involves a bit of work -- preparation & clean-up -- but the end result is great!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Perfect Ending

Yet another counted cross stitch.  It's hanging in the bathroom -- right next to the bathtub -- how appropriate.

Lauren's Stocking

A finished stocking for Lauren -- soon to be the new addition to our family next April.  It's a counted cross stitch stocking with a green velvet backing.  Oooh -- fancy!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hawaii Wedding Table Runner

We're going to a wedding -- in Hawaii!  I made yet another table runner for a gift for the soon-to-be couple.
Here's the invitation -- as you can see, I tried to match the colors from the invitation into the table runner.
I just couldn't resist throwing the table runner on top of the matching impatiens.  Perfect!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Silk Table Runner

A new tv cabinet deserves a new table runner.  I made this using a piece of hand-painted silk I bought at a quilt show.  I bought the piece because I liked it but had no idea what I was going to do with it -- until we had this new cabinet delivered & it screamed, "I need a table runner & I need it now!"   I just happened to have the black & gold fabric on hand for the borders.  I didn't use any batting in between the layers -- I wanted to keep it thin so the tv would sit nicely on it.

Grey Rug

Teddy just loves the new grey rug -- it's so luxurious.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Avalon Table Runner

This table runner was made for our friends who have a home in Avalon.  In order to match this particular shade of green, I clipped some fringe bits from an existing place mat to match the colors in the great room/kitchen area -- then added some "sandy" colors along with neutrals.  Hope it looks good in their beautiful beach home!

 White on white sea shells -- there are fabrics for every occasion.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Lion Pillow

Another cross stitched pillow!  I made this one for my friend who bought me a cross stitch book of baby animals with their mothers.  While working on it, it looked pretty good; "framing" it with fabric made the  cross stitch colors pop.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Batik Table Runner

I made this table runner for a friend who bought this piece of batik while living in Asia.  I didn't want to cut it up into small bits so I left it almost full size except for trimming off the one edge & relocating it on both ends.  I added the gold/beige color because there are bits of this same color in the batik -- hard to see in the pix.  I hope she likes it -- it's going in the mail tomorrow.

Another Library Display

Here's another library window display of cross stitch -- this time with black framed pieces & two pillows. Decorating the library window has been fun -- this is my fourth time -- but it's my last one for a while.  I'm fresh out of ideas.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Asian Inspired

II made a lot of "Asian Inspired" quilt blocks & wasn't sure how I was going to arrange them or what I was going to do with them.  The brown background blocks are machine appliqued.

This is "sashiko" stitching -- using white carbon paper, I traced the flower onto the dark blue fabric, then stitched using an evenly spaced running stitch -- or trying my best to be even -- & I also used official sashiko thread from Japan -- I bought it at a quilt show that I visited in New Jersey.  Sashiko thread is very similar to embroidery floss.

 And this is the final product -- another table runner.  This time, though, I put a hanging sleeve on the back in case its owner wanted to use it as a wall hanging.  This "Asian Inspired" table runner/wall hanging sold for $260 at a recent Leukemia/Lymphoma silent auction fund raiser.  To make it more appealing, I bought two blue & white pottery pieces (a large plate on a stand & a ginger jar w/a lid) & the 3 pieces sold together.  I hope the new owners enjoy having this quilt in their home.
 Close-up of one of the the sashiko blocks.
 Another close-up.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cross Stitch Window

Another month, another display at the local library.  This time some framed, counted cross stitch pictures -- two of these belong to Kathleen, my book-mending mentor at the library.   Sorry for the glare from outside.  We used fabric as a backdrop -- I think in the future, it would be better to use one one color but there's a learning curve to this window decorating job.  Plus we didn't have enough of one fabric to reach across the entire window width.  Next time...

Get Comfy, Teddy.

Teddy knows how to get comfortable when he sleeps.

White Roses

It was our 31st wedding anniversary & the door bell rang & there was a delivery man with this gorgeous flower arrangement for me.  Lovely!  Thanks, B.