Thursday, June 2, 2011

Batik Table Runner

I made this table runner for a friend who bought this piece of batik while living in Asia.  I didn't want to cut it up into small bits so I left it almost full size except for trimming off the one edge & relocating it on both ends.  I added the gold/beige color because there are bits of this same color in the batik -- hard to see in the pix.  I hope she likes it -- it's going in the mail tomorrow.


  1. I was thinking; oh a piece of fabric from Arab Street ;). Where did you friend buy the batik? You did a very good job, and you are right, it would have been a shame to cut it up. Well done!
    Are you well?

  2. I think my friend bought this fabric in Indonesia -- not sure, though. She used to live in Taipei but traveled all over Asia from there. Typical expat lifestyle.

    Yes, we are well. And you?