Saturday, November 26, 2011

Deep Frying a Turkey

First, the set up.  The paper catches the inevitable peanut oil splatters.
Adam brined the 14 lb. organic turkey in a mixture of brown sugar & salt -- overnight for about 16 hrs.
 The lowering of the turkey into the hot oil -- Jay's taking a pix of the process.
Adam & Bob -- watching the turkey cook -- it cooks in about an hour.
Adam & Turkey #1.
Jay & Turkey #1. 
 And then they cooked Turkey #2 above -- Turkey #2 was a 16 lb. turkey.  It was not organic & Adam didn't brine it.  We did a taste test.  It's official -- the organic, brined Turkey #1 was definitely better -- it was moist & had better flavor. 

Deep frying a turkey involves a bit of work -- preparation & clean-up -- but the end result is great!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Perfect Ending

Yet another counted cross stitch.  It's hanging in the bathroom -- right next to the bathtub -- how appropriate.

Lauren's Stocking

A finished stocking for Lauren -- soon to be the new addition to our family next April.  It's a counted cross stitch stocking with a green velvet backing.  Oooh -- fancy!