Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Whale" Quilt

It's a "whale" quilt for a baby boy!  So cute.  But funny story -- I bought the whale fabric & chose a pattern that had large pieces so the print could be seen.  As I'm putting it together, I showed it to Bob -- first thing out of his mouth is, "They're not whales, they're sharks."  Ha!  Fooled me.  Guess I don't know my sea creatures very well.  Of course, I had already ordered a stuffed whale to be given along with the quilt.  Maybe when the baby is older, the parents can buy a shark for him.  Giving a newborn baby a stuffed shark just doesn't seem right.  Sharks have big teeth!  They bite people!  Whales are gentle giants.

Flip side of the quilt.  Actually, it could be reversible.

1 comment:

  1. Whales, shark.... who cares ;)!!! I think most kids like them equally, at least mine did. But you crack me up. Had a good giggle first thing in the morning. Thanks Sue!