Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gray & White Scarf

Crocheted scarf for a friend.

Poppy Pillow

A counted cross-stitch pillow -- of poppies!

Velvet Pumpkins

It all started when a friend told me about the unique velvet pumpkins that can be found (& bought for a pricey price) at Neiman Marcus.  I looked on utube to get ideas of how to make them myself.  I had a piece of green velvet left over from a dress I had made years ago.
The novelty of these pumpkins is they're quite small compared to the stem size -- which, by the way, is a real pumpkin stem.  My husband & I traipsed thru a nearby pumpkin field in search of pumpkin stems to no avail.  I ended up finding some stray stems in a couple of different pumpkin bins at local grocery stores.
Then in my usual style, making them out of velvet wasn't quite enough so I tried making one with faux suede -- the brown one in the rear.  Suede is too stiff so I couldn't pull the closure tight enough & had to glue a green velvet top before gluing on the stem. 

All of the pumpkins are stuffed with first, dried lentils, then polyester stuffing.  I added the braiding around the stem to finish off the opening in the top.  It looked incomplete to me without it.
Then just for fun, I bought two small home dec pieces of fabric & made two pumpkins out of that too.  One is on the left in between two real pumpkins & the other is on the right behind the green velvet pumpkin -- striped fabric.

Bottom line is I prefer both the look of the velvet ones & also working with velvet is easier than the suede or fabric.  I still have more green velvet fabric leftover & also more pumpkin stems.  I may just have another spell of green velvet pumpkin making in me before the Fall season is over.

Coffee Cross-Stitch

In addition to my latest crochet frenzy -- not to mention the few days of velvet pumpkin making (see next blog pix)  & in between my quilt-making, I managed to finish & have framed (at Michael's) a counted cross-stitch of 12 different coffee varieties.  It's now hanging in the pantry, along with the 20 other counted cross-stitch pieces.  Somebody stop me!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jacki's Table Runner

Another table runner...for another friend.

Reverse side of the quilt.
The table runner in action.