Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blue Blankie

 Another day, another blue baby blankie.  I love this crocheted pattern -- looks bubbly.
 Love the finished edging, too.
And what's a blog posting without Teddy!

Off White Cowl

 I made this for a friend a few months ago -- just remembering to blog it now.  Gave it as a birthday gift.  She likes it, she really, really likes it!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Adam's Flannel Quilt

 Made this flannel quilt for Adam using flannel.  Boy, flannel is difficult to work with!  It's so stretchy.  It really doesn't lie flat -- but it's very soft.

 I used the zig-zag stitch to quilt it -- using a straight stitch pulled too much on the flannel.

Adam wrapped in his quilt.

Off White Infinity Scarf

 I used chunky yarn to crochet this infinity scarf -- is finished in no time.  I gave it to a friend for a gift.

Wedding Napkin Quilt

I made this quilt using Jay & Lauren's wedding napkin fabric -- dark brown & pink -- as inspiration.  Adding the white & pink swirly fabric gives it a light & whimsical look.   It's only about 40" square because I ran out of fabric.  That often determines the size of the quilts that I make. 

Lauren loved it so much, she wrapped herself in it!

Burgundy Shawl

 Crocheted this shawl for a friend.  She likes it!

Four Seasons

Counted cross stitch four seasons.  My friend gave me these patterns which included a cute button or two for each one.
 Snowflake buttons -- hard to see but they're there.
 Butterfly -- is it a butterfly? dragonfly? button.
 Bee button.
Two falling leaves buttons.