Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fabric Covered Books

I saw a segment on a news magazine tv show about a man who covers books with beautiful paper to make scenes using a shelf of books.  And I thought why not try using fabric to cover books -- books that have already been read & will be used purely as decoration -- books as knick knacks.  Adds a pop of color.

I kept with the blue & orange color scheme that coordinates with the bookends.

It took about an hour to cover 5 books.  I kept the dust jackets on the hardcover books to serve as a base for the fabric.  I used spray starch to make the fabric a bit smooth & firm; used iron-on tape to hold the top & bottom hems of the fabric; used double stick tape to keep the fabric in place on the book dust jackets.  I sort of winged it -- I'm sure there's room for improvement on the technique.  But I like the look of the books!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Beach Bag

My friend gave me the pattern for a beach bag -- & also gave me the black, plastic mesh material.  I made this for someone who wanted a black & white beach bag.  It was fun to make -- goes together easily.  The plastic mesh material is easy to sew.  Some of the seams are quite thick -- next time I make one, I will use a "denim" needle & also a "jean-a-ma-jig."

I used "eyeglasses" fabric for the inside.  The bag boasts 12 pockets -- 6 inside & 6 outside -- very handy!

My friend made me a beach bag so I used that as a reference to help with putting the bag together. 

I use my bag not for the beach but rather to hold some of my craft items -- books, crochet hooks, yarn, etc.