Saturday, May 10, 2014

Beach Bag

My friend gave me the pattern for a beach bag -- & also gave me the black, plastic mesh material.  I made this for someone who wanted a black & white beach bag.  It was fun to make -- goes together easily.  The plastic mesh material is easy to sew.  Some of the seams are quite thick -- next time I make one, I will use a "denim" needle & also a "jean-a-ma-jig."

I used "eyeglasses" fabric for the inside.  The bag boasts 12 pockets -- 6 inside & 6 outside -- very handy!

My friend made me a beach bag so I used that as a reference to help with putting the bag together. 

I use my bag not for the beach but rather to hold some of my craft items -- books, crochet hooks, yarn, etc.


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  2. That looks like a terrific beach bag, big enough for all the stuff one needs as well as perfect with all the pockets. I also like it the mesh part. That way a damp towel and swimming costume don't start to "molder" like they sometimes do in plastic lined bags. Well done Sue.

  3. Nice bag. Like the mesh as it gives the bag a good look as it looks a really good size to hold heaps.

  4. Thanks, Vreni & Heather! Always nice to hear from you.

  5. Thanks, Angela. Call me when you're ready to start making one. I've tips to share.