Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fabric Covered Books

I saw a segment on a news magazine tv show about a man who covers books with beautiful paper to make scenes using a shelf of books.  And I thought why not try using fabric to cover books -- books that have already been read & will be used purely as decoration -- books as knick knacks.  Adds a pop of color.

I kept with the blue & orange color scheme that coordinates with the bookends.

It took about an hour to cover 5 books.  I kept the dust jackets on the hardcover books to serve as a base for the fabric.  I used spray starch to make the fabric a bit smooth & firm; used iron-on tape to hold the top & bottom hems of the fabric; used double stick tape to keep the fabric in place on the book dust jackets.  I sort of winged it -- I'm sure there's room for improvement on the technique.  But I like the look of the books!


  1. These look great and make the whole display work so well together enhancing your beautiful book ends. You winged it perfectly.

  2. Thanks, Heather. Love hearing from you from afar.

  3. I love this idea ! Great balance with the colors + prints

  4. I love them... I love that entire wall, the artwork, bookends, cabinet, and now decorated book covers.