Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Purple Scarf & More

 Purple infinity scarf I crocheted for a friend.

 A table runner for a gift.

A tote bag to be used with a walker -- made if for a friend.

Teddy squeezing behind the cushion of our newly reupholstered chair.

This could be my new favorite baby quilt to make -- I simply cut strips of varying widths using very cute, retro-inspired fabrics, sewed them all together in a pleasing arrangement & machine quilted 1/4" along both sides of each seam.  Fun, quick & easy to make!

 Reverse side of the quilt -- the machine quilting is visible.


  1. You've been a busy bee and such lovely things you've produced. I adore your "easy" baby quilt, the fabrics are adorable.

  2. Wow what a bunch of beautiful work! The Baby quilt design is pure genius, you know I will steal that idea very soon.