Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bunny Lovie

I only recently learned what this is called -- a lovie.  The head is stuffed with polyester fill & the body/blanket is simply crocheted.  Little ones love to carry them around, so I hear.  It measures about 16" from head to tip of blanket.  Perfect size for small hands.

Green Blankie

 It's official -- this is my absolute favorite baby blankie to crochet.  I love the solid look of the stitch & the edging adds a touch of cuteness.  Notice the different colors of green!  The top pix is more accurate -- not sure why the bottom pix turned out sort of dusty & grayish.  It's a photog mystery.

Casserole Carriers

What's better than one casserole carrier?  Two casserole carriers.
 I followed a purchased pattern to make these -- I had to make adjustments along the way by sometimes referring to my own casserole carrier I made years ago while living in Singapore.
 Bob cut the dowels to size to serve as handles.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Nothing says Spring is here more than a Yellow! quilt.
It measures about 52" square.
I machine quilted it -- straight lines.